Megan Walker || Psychiatrist || Biologist || Perfectionist Look I've kind of got a lot of paperwork to do, so if you could make this quick? No- on second thought, stay a while have a chat.
Paperwork is really the least of my worries.
[[ Panfandom, multi-universe, independent roleplay blog for character Megan Walker, and depending on the universe and if there was a split in personality due to psychologically traumatizing event, Finch.
originally created for the batman!verse.]]
-- Born from Fear
oldzio-deactivated20121228 asked : *He smirks a little, his brown eyes sparkling* You have self confidence. I like that. My name is Ezio. *he bows*

Ezio…….sounds….familiar….But I can’t place it. Er- am I supposed to curtsey now? I’m going to curtsey…. [She gives a short curtsey before rising again] I’m Finch nice to meet you!

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